Ghosts in the Frost (single)


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"Through the blistering icescapes and desolate cornfields of winter to the vibrant greens and deepest blues that decorate the summer months, Voidbringer paints a vivid picture of life in champaign-urbana over the last decade. Drawing musical inspiration from a vast mix of bands/artists such as American Football, Gorgoroth, Jay Som, and Wolves in the Throne Room, "Ghosts in the Frost" is an experimental trip that attempts to break away from standard genres; creating huge atmospheres through heavily drop tuned acoustic guitars and ambient electronics with deep lyrics, and vocals that emphasise euphoric highs and viscious lows."

This one is for you, Chambana...we are all just ghosts in the frost.

Seagull acoustic guitars
Lotus acoustic guitars
Jackson electric guitars
Rogue basses
Blackstar amplification
Behringer microphones
Simba glass
Voidbringer tunes to Drop G#¼ and Drop A


As summer ends
Winters grips are closing in
Waste away from me
Just a fucking novelty

October winds
Grinding away at the bones within
Waiting to die
Forced into this string of suicides

Slipping away
From a poisoned realm
This frost is killing me
Rest in decay
Nocturnal haze
Throw this life away

Ghosts in the frost

Summer ends again
Winters grips are closing in
Wasting away from me
Living dead anomaly
Summer ends again
Winters grips are closing in
Tearing the cosmos clear
You waste the fuck away from here..... the shores

Give up the ghost
She dreams eternal
Twisting the flesh as she hits the bottom
Give up the ghost
She dreams eternal
Twisting the flesh, machines cease and wither...


released June 9, 2017
All music written and recorded by Voidbringer.
All production and mixing by Nolan Osmond.
Cover art by Voidbringer and Emily S.
Executive production by Emily S.
Promotional photography by Voidbringer and Sam Logan.
Special thanks: Emily, Nolan, Sam, Bryce, Smile Politely, Sipyard, Exile on Main Street, and the Goldstein Sound crew.

All inspiration comes from champaign-urbana; no c-u, no voids.

Thank you for your continued support.




VOIDBRINGER Urbana, Illinois

Voidbringer started in the name of boundless write hymns that bring life to the darkened streets of champaign- urbana in a way that both identifies with and completely defies the local bands that shaped our music scene and its unique sounds over twenty years ago.

DIY forever, C-U forever.
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